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“And the Oscar goes to… Anne Hathaway!” — The camera quickly pans to Anne Hathaway, who looks stunning, yet surprised. She sheds a few tears (how in the heck does she avoid having an ugly crying face?) and then she walks, ever so elegantly, to the glass podium, and even her shoulder blades look perfect in that low-cut backless dress. Her body knows that there are cameras in EVERY corner, and that they better play their part. She steps to the microphone and thanks everyone that has touched her journey, past and present. She was able to say everything she needed in the one minute she was allotted, with every eloquent word spoken before the proverbial musical version of the hook was forced to pull her off stage.
Now, celebrities like Ms. Hathaway are trained and coached to answer questions under pressure, in the spotlight, and on the red carpet. And to look flawless while doing it. Would you, as a business owner, be as cool, calm, and confident on camera? Would you be able to explain your business’ goals, in thirty seconds flat? What about the amazing day when the Today Show or KUSI, wants to interview you, LIVE, on camera? GASP! What would you say? How would you sit? And most importantly: how would you do all of your great work justice?
Red Carpet Academy staff are available for hire.  When you need us for an important media opportunity or to prepare one on one.  Don’t wait for the “Media” to call on you, Get Media Ready.

It’s a new day; it’s a new quarter and it’s going to be the best one yet, I can feel it. Public speaking is known to be one of our greatest “fears.” Now, let’s add a couple of photographers, videographers and a live microphone? This would rank pretty high in our fear factor wouldn’t you agree? I know how it feels to be in front and behind the camera. And both are not easy feats. I am not a celebrity or a spokes model nor a natural beauty. I wanted to create a production set to help women be seen, be heard and be beautiful. What we at Red Carpet Academy provide are the tools, experience and practicum to be camera ready.
Red Carpet Academy is your first step to preparing for your camera ready, anytime anywhere opportunities. This DIY media kit is a smart investment for you and your company’s future. You will feel confident in front of the camera, behind the camera, and implement Red Carpet strategies to grow your company along with new friends and colleagues to help you achieve it. 
We have assembled a great line-up of industry experts, ready to share their practical tools, relevant topics and useful strategies for your video needs. Expect to be amazed and entertained while energizing your mind, maximizing your skills and empowering you to feel and look beautiful no matter what shape and size.
Thank you so much for entrusting us with your most precious commodity:  You!
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